Hi! My name is Megan Barreneche, I am the founder of Megan's
Angel Wings and I am a
cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 13 years old in April 2003.  
Since I know how it feels to have cancer, I wanted to start a
foundation that would help kids stay strong, happy, and full of
faith and hope during their hard days of treatment.

With the help of incredible volunteers, Megan's Angel Wings is
doing just that.  We are here to help with the every day little
things that might fall through the cracks but are so important in
our treatment and recovery. I survived because of my positive
surroundings, especially my faith, family and friends. It is the little
things that get us through the long days of treatment and through
our worst times.  

Please check out our "Our Mission" section to get details on how
we are making a difference in the lives of children with cancer.
The passion supporting Megan's Angel Wings:
Megan Barreneche * Maggie Barreneche
Rudy Barreneche * Amparo Fernandez
Olivia Fernandez * Leonor Murciano
Veronica Murciano * Cristie Vidal

Our wonderful Board of Directors are personally involved in everything we do.
Here they are working hard to make sure that  Dr. D's Office Make-Over became a dream
come true.
With God All Things Are Possible
7550 Mission Hills Dr. #306, PMB 12
Naples, FL 34119
(239) 348-7667
Megan's Angel Wings
Future Board Members
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